• Provillus - Review and Side Effects

    Does it really work?

    If you are like me looking for some natural product to cure your hair loss, then you might have come across a product named Provillus. Provillus claims to regrow your hair in full when taken for 6 months. Many of us are blinded by the fact that all natural means all good. As we get terrified by the possible side effects of Propecia we look for some natural alternative cure that can wok as a miracle. According to search engines Provillus is one of the best hair loss treatments in the market. More than that, this product can be ordered online conveniently and doesn’t need any form of prescription.

    Once you are come across this product, you would want to know what others think about this product. I am pretty sure you will find lots of users raving about this product on the internet. I too had fallen for this scam only to learn that all of them who are raving about this product are affiliates of the company that is selling Provillus. Why wouldn’t they rave about it if affiliates get 50% commission for what they sell…. They use different types of tactics to get us buy this product. In the due course of time I had also learnt that affiliates build websites that look like review sites and rank this product as the top rated one. Though it seems genuine, these are not proper review sites. They rank the product that pays high amount of commission as the No.1 product. As 50% commission is a very good amount, Provillus gets the No.1 ranking in most of these websites. Unfortunately, this leads the vulnerable persons like us to think the product has consistently ranked well.

    Side Effects:

    As I said before, I have ordered this product 3 years ago. I ordered a 4 months supply, which comes with a free 2 month supply in addition. I think they still have this so called offer…I took the product for a month, but has had side effects. The side effect I noticed was kinda of like a burning sensation in my stomach. Not sure of other side effects as I stopped taking the product immediately after that.

    Money-back guarantee:

    I tried to return the product as it comes with a money back guarantee but in vain…Don’t believe in their promise because they won’t keep up to it…If anyone who purchased this product successfully got the money from them, let me know..


    Vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pumpkin Eleuthero, Uva, Muria Puama – These are the ingredients in the product according to their website. Most of these are vitamin supplements and none of the above ingredients have been proven to prevent hair loss. Saw Palmetto has some anti-androgen properties and might act as a DHT blocker. But, you will have to take 320mg of Saw Palmetto according to some researches to unleash its benefits.
    You can get these vitamins at a fraction of cost from local chemist and check out whether it helps your hair loss in anyway.


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