• Provillus - Review and Side Effects Does it really work?

    If you are like me looking for some natural product to cure your hair loss, then you might have come across a product named Provillus. Provillus claims to regrow your hair in full when taken for 6 months. Many of us are blinded by the fact that all natural means all good. As we get terrified by the possible side effects of Propecia we look for some natural alternative cure that can wok as a miracle. According to search engines Provillus is one of the best hair loss treatments in the market. More than that, this product can be ordered online conveniently and doesn’t need any form of prescription.

    Once you are come across this product, you would want to know what others think about this product. I am pretty sure you will find lots of users raving about this product on the internet. I too had fallen for this scam only to learn that all of them who are raving about this product are affiliates of the company that is selling Provillus. Why wouldn’t they rave about it if affiliates get 50% commission for what they sell…. They use different types of tactics to get us buy this product. In the due course of time I had also learnt that affiliates build websites that look like review sites and rank this product as the top rated one. Though it seems genuine, these are not proper review sites. They rank the product that pays high amount of commission as the No.1 product. As 50% commission is a very good amount, Provillus gets the No.1 ranking in most of these websites. Unfortunately, this leads the vulnerable persons like us to think the product has consistently ranked well.

    Side Effects:

    As I said before, I have ordered this product 3 years ago. I ordered a 4 months supply, which comes with a free 2 month supply in addition. I think they still have this so called offer…I took the product for a month, but has had side effects. The side effect I noticed was kinda of like a burning sensation in my stomach. Not sure of other side effects as I stopped taking the product immediately after that.

    Money-back guarantee:

    I tried to return the product as it comes with a money back guarantee but in vain…Don’t believe in their promise because they won’t keep up to it…If anyone who purchased this product successfully got the money from them, let me know..


    Vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pumpkin Eleuthero, Uva, Muria Puama – These are the ingredients in the product according to their website. Most of these are vitamin supplements and none of the above ingredients have been proven to prevent hair loss. Saw Palmetto has some anti-androgen properties and might act as a DHT blocker. But, you will have to take 320mg of Saw Palmetto according to some researches to unleash its benefits.
    You can get these vitamins at a fraction of cost from local chemist and check out whether it helps your hair loss in anyway.

  • My hairloss Journey Hey, this is Sman. I have been suffering from hair loss since the age of 19. I tried lots of at home remedies such as lying upside down, applying ice packs etc... I am sure it did help my blood circulation but definitely not my hair loss. When I started loosing my hair, I wanted to do something about it. I went to consult a doctor only to find out that taking my dad with me was a big mistake. Hm, yeah…My dad has alopecia. Hence my problem is considered hereditary.

    I used to spend my days thinking, 4 -5 years from now there will be some medical solution available. Nope. All I got in those 4-5 years was more loss so that it is visible these days. I was working in Mumbai at that time and went again to meet a doctor. The response I got from him was not much different than the previous one. He basically said not much can be done and gave a prescription for Minoxidil. He said the drug has some beneficial effects in alopecia treatment and also warned me of the side effects. I didn’t buy it though. I think the side effect warnings put me off.

    One year later I went to Denver for work. Not sure whether it is because of the low humidity, I lost lot of hair. My hair loss is progressing rapidly at this stage. I wanted to do something about my hair loss again and saw Bosley advertisement on the TV. Hair transplantation results in their advertisements sounded too good to be true. This was in year 2k. It sounds promising, so I fixed an appointment with them. After the initial consultation they told me it will cost around $10K and I should continue with propecia to maintain the results. At that time, the cost seemed so high to me. So, I didn’t proceed with them. Now I am glad I didn’t proceed with them after reading reviews from all the forums.

    One year later, I tried something which some of you might have tried. My wife read somewhere that juice of small onion also known as shallots promote hair growth. Basically, you extract juice of onion and apply it on the head. We also purchased a steamer to let the juices get inside the pores. Believe it or not, there is definitely an improvement in my hair thickness after following this process for nearly 3 months. Soon, I realised this can’t be continued forever. Might be if I had continued this routine longer, I might have head full of hair now….lol.

    After this I moved to Australia for work, and started researching about hair transplants. First one I came across was Dr. Ray Woods. They are the creators of the ‘The Woods Technique’. It was quiet convenient for me to get my hair transplant from them as I lived in Australia. But, after reviewing what they have to offer and researching the forum for years, I finally concluded that they are not good for me. As my hair loss has progressed so much in the past few years I am nearing Norwood 6 now. So, I am a candidate for the strip procedure as I get more return for my money.

    I was quite keen in getting my hair transplant done in Australia, so I researched almost all the doctors who offer strip procedure here in Australia. After reviewing the cost and the grafts they could perform in one session, I concluded that I might have to look outside the country. Most of the Aussie doctors perform a maximum of up to 2000 grafts and the cost is pretty much same as US or Canada. As most of the American doctors perform large number of grafts and offer a cheaper price after 2000 grafts, it pretty much works out to be the same or even Aussie ones are expensive.

    The next option I looked at was Thailand. I came across a doctor named Path who was recommended in many forums. I send my photos to him and also rang up his office. But, I am not satisfied with their service as they nearly took 15 days to respond to my query. I am not criticizing the skills of the professional involved. But, in my opinion I need a better service as I am undergoing a surgery and I need quick response for my follow up emails if any.

    After researching further, I decided to go to Canada…As their name was recommended everywhere. To this day, I have to say I am happy with their response time. I have my surgery scheduled with Dr Wong. In another 5 weeks. I am flying to Vancouver and I can’t believe I am doing this. The procedure is not cheap. So, I hope my decision is right. I made this decision after researching for nearly 5 years.

    This is my current hairloss status. This photo was taken 6 months ago. Now, I have got bit more hair due to Propecia.

    When I decided to do hair transplant, I was looking for hair transplant patients of Indian descendant on the internet and could hardly find one. This is what motivated me to create this blog. I wanted to try propecia a while ago but, as we are planning for a family I don’t want to risk it in any way because of the side effects. I am a proud father of the beautiful boy now, and have been taking propecia for 8 months. I had seen quite a good improvement since then.
    I am planning to post my hair transplant journey in details in this blog. Make sure you check it out quite often…


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